About Us 

Our Mission

  • Provide Canadian Companies with the highest level of quality service, helping them find the right talent to fit their specific needs. We strive to provide the best, most efficient and cost effective process.
  • Beyond just finding the right profile, our goal is also to make the candidates’ experience moving to Canada efficient, transparent and pleasant, therefore enhancing the chances of a successful integration.
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Our commitments

Committed To Quality. Committed To You.

The highest level of service, guiding you through the Canadian Foreign Worker  hiring and immigration process.

Adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in our business, Protecting you and your candidates

Always available, giving you the best advice, Fast.

Only the best, competent, result oriented Team, to advise you and respond to your needs

Our Strengths


  • Our biggest strength is in the sourcing and identification of talent. We have mastered the processes involved in recruiting and integrating foreign workers, and our goal is set up trustworthy relationships between our clients and candidates.
  • We closely partner with our clients by formulating and defining their recruitment needs,and attracting the best candidates to their organizations.
  • As a part our collaboration with Mercan Group, we provide assistance and ease the process of immigrating to Canada by providing each applicant with step by step guidance : From signing the employment contract, to obtaining the WP, the Visa and finally the permanent residency. We ensure that our clients understand the complete procedure and act accordingly.

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Our Ecosystem

With HR Management and Consulting in our DNA, we developed a strong foundation and expertise to deliver high quality Customer Care Services across all stages of the customer journey.